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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALLARD, John  6 Feb 1973Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I2691
2 BERIAULT, Gertrude  10 Jul 2008Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4383
3 BOURDEAU, Cécile Marie Rose Jeannine  11 Dec 2006Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4294
4 BOURGOIN, Hectorine Marguerite  20 Feb 1936Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I3685
5 CARR, Wilfrid Michael  Abt 17 Mar 1978Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4204
6 CAVAN, John Ambrose “Ab”  29 Jan 1992Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4208
7 CHAGNION, Églantine  3 Mar 1903Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4161
8 CHARETTE, Beatrice Joséphine Marie  28 Aug 1989Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I5223
9 CHARETTE, Rita Exilda  5 Aug 1975Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4164
10 CONSTANTINEAU, George Edward Joseph  27 Nov 1954Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4210
11 DAOUST, Adéline  19 Oct 1895Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I3687
12 DESJARDINS, Laurette  24 Apr 1987Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I5222
13 DESJARDINS, Napoléon  8 Sep 1927Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4535
14 DUHAMEL, Adolphe Roméo Albert Joseph  16 May 1928Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4160
15 DUHAMEL, Agnes Armandine Marie  16 Sep 1900Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4809
16 DUHAMEL, Antonio “Tony”  1 Jun 1973Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4368
17 DUHAMEL, Gabrielle Georgeline Amerida  23 Feb 1916Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4813
18 DUHAMEL, Liliane Rose Marie  17 Dec 1947Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4392
19 DUHAMEL, Lorette  27 Jan 1905Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4811
20 DUHAMEL, Paul Emile  6 Mar 1935Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4373
21 DUHAMEL, Raoul E. Emile  21 Jan 1903Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4810
22 DUHAMEL, Roméo Adolphe Albert Joseph  1980Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4382
23 DUHAMEL, Thérèse  14 Aug 1904Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4812
24 DUHAMEL, Wilfrid Auguste Adolphe  24 Aug 1901Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4807
25 DUHAMEL, Yvette Carmel Antoinette  Abt 15 Sep 1984Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4390
26 GAUTIER, Charles-Jean-Baptiste  30 Dec 1965Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4387
27 GAUVREAU, Louise “Eliza”  26 Aug 1926Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I3683
28 GIROUARD, Roméo  1969Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4228
29 GIROUARD, Véronique  23 Jun 1979Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4227
30 GRAVEL, Julie  1982Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4229
31 HURTUBISE, Fernand  Abt 1 May 1995Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I5306
32 LANDRY, Alma Rose Anna Marie  25 Jul 1880Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4146
33 LANDRY, Arthur Nelson Joseph  17 Mar 1935Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I5392
34 LANDRY, Arthur Oscar Joseph  10 Nov 1861Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4151
35 LANDRY, Delia Marie  21 Jan 1960Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4144
36 LANDRY, Donna Irène  9 Dec 1963Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4145
37 LANDRY, Dora Valeda  3 Feb 1895Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4148
38 LANDRY, Eileen Blanche Marie  9 Dec 1989Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I5382
39 LANDRY, Esther  17 Oct 1987Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I5381
40 LANDRY, Hector Josephat Horatius  23 Jul 1883Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4147
41 LANDRY, Jean Emile  1889Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4149
42 LANDRY, Louis  12 Apr 1888Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I3686
43 LANDRY, Nelson Zotique "Ned"  14 Aug 1954Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I226
44 LANDRY, Rose "Rosa" Béatrice Marie  6 Feb 1897Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4152
45 LANDRY, Rose Anne Marie Louise  Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4143
46 LANDRY, Théodore Gilles Joseph  22 Dec 1924Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I3723
47 LANDRY, Theodore John Jr.  19 May 1919Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I5393
48 LANDRY, Théodule  13 May 1889Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4150
49 LANDRY, Théodule  23 Nov 1932Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I3682
50 LAPERRIÈRE, Henri  Abt 1990Ottawa, ON (Notre-Dame Cemetery) I4391

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